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We all interact with each other, meet and exchange contacts in order to stay in touch. But what information can we give to a people, so that they remembers us? At the same time, he didn’t just remember us in the face to say: “Hello!” at the next meeting, but associated us with our activities, business, that is, directly with what we do, with our business. Of course this is a business card.

A business card carries the most simple and necessary information. In the modern world, business cards with a phone number and name are no longer enough. All people, and even more – business, are overgrown with profiles on social networks, instant messengers, sites and etc. And all this is simply impossible to fit on a paper business card. So what to do ?! How to give a people more information about you at one time. There is a way out – this is an Online Digital Business Card.

A digital business card combines all the information that you consider necessary to convey on one page. It may contain:

  • Logo
  • Your photo
  • Promo video or banner
  • Photo gallery
  • Phones
  • Instant messengers
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Description of Activities
  • Map Address
  • QR code with page address
  • Contact form

All this information can be displayed in several languages. Yes, a digital business card is multilingual. She doesn’t just “speaking”, but also розмовляє, говорит, charlas, parle, שיחות, الحديث.

Also, from a business card, you can add your contacts to your phone (vCard) in 1 click, share information on social networks.

It is 100% adapted for any kind of screens, whether it be a computer, tablet or phone.

You, as the owner of such a digital business card, have complete statistics on visitors, up to how many times and through which social network shared card.

To long describe all the features, it’s easier to go in and check it all personally.

Digital Business Card Constructor

After registration, you can use the online constructor with a wide range of functions. In addition to adding the necessary information, you can choose ready-made professional designs or create your own style that will fully correspond to the corporate style of your company.

With the online constructor, all the changes made can be observed in real time. Here you can add your own logos and pictures for a business card, also banner and a large beautiful background.

How can I use an online digital business card?

In fact, its use is limited only by your imagination. Here are some of the most popular ways:

  • Together with a classic paper business card. When you create your digital business card, the system will automatically generate a QR code with the page URL. This QR code will look great on paper and attract attention. Having scanned it from the phone, a person will get into a digital business card from a paper business card and receive all the necessary information.
  • Attach in the signature to outgoing letters. Yes it works great! When a person receives a letter from you and sees a QR code or a link to your business card in his signature, he will certainly be interested in it. After all, we are all attracted to something new, right ?!
  • Share your digital business card through social networks. A digital business card is a full-fledged landing page that makes customers out of visitors. Do not forget about it!
  • Use the QR code of a business card in your printed materials (advertising in print media, printing on booklets, brand books, etc.).
  • We made an easy application for smartphones to share a digital business card was as simple as regular. Through the application, you can in 1 click send SMS or a message through Viber and Whatsapp with a link to a business card. If this is a personal meeting, then let him scan the QR code directly from your smartphone.

Drop doubts and go to meet new things! Register and start using it right now!

If you are still tormented by the “shadow of doubt” – then all the more you need to register and start, because our tech support will lead you by the hand from registration to the moment of your complete satisfaction from the created business card. Just write us a chat on the registration page. Waiting for you!

The ability to easily manage any number of digital business cards at once. Editing and changing employees and data, viewing statistics for each business card, the ability to change the appearance of all cards in one click and much more.
Easy creation and editing of cards in 5 minutes.

Image module
Save time and money
Payment only for active cards, detailed payment statistics.
Image module
Corporate branding page
Setup company logo, colors for all your cards.
Image module
Full statistics
Check all your visitors and social activity
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Create and manage
Create and manage an unlimited amount of business cards in the same account.

EasyCard is the best digital business card I’ve used that has the best customer support. I recomend,  checking this.


Image module
Image module
Extended documentation &
video tutorials
Tutorial and videos for beginners How to create your card in stages and easily, you can find the answers to any question.
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Awesome and
friendly support
No matter if you're experienced user or new in easycars - you'll get best support and efficient recommendations.
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friendly admin panel
for the user
With easycard no need any experience you can easily manage all your digital business cards from the management panel with ease.
Create digital business cards easily
Training videos for editing a digital business card quickly and easily.

Instructional videos will help you create the perfect business card for you. In the videos you can see how to format the card, change the colors, play with the icons, add or remove the frames, and more. You can contact   and tooltips with extra information will help.

Install the app
Pricing plans for everyone
We've worked hard to fulfill the concept of powerful and comprehensible theme.
Personal digital business card
$4.2 / mo.
  • Features our digital card
  • Up to 5 languages ​​to select your digital card
  • Company logo or picture or video
  • Accessibility support
  • Content and full information about you or your business
  • Share your digital device on all social networks and with your customers
  • Support for more than 20 social networks
  • Add the card to your contacts with a click
  • Full statistics: internal and external
  • View your location with Google Map and WAZE
  • Professional design templates or your custom design
  • Possibility to open the card to search engines or to keep it as personal
  • Easy access to an Android and IOS card
  • Custom page URL
  • And designed in 5 minutes without any experience
Digital business card for companies and organizations
*5 and more cards
from $3.4 / mo.*
  • Additional features for companies
  • Create and manage unlimited cards for your business
  • Corporate branding page - company logo, color design for all your business cards
  • Full statistics for all your tickets
  • Redirect the cards
  • Pay only for active cards, and detailed payment statistics
  • Interested in more than 5 digital cards?
Create your digital business card with EASYCARD
It’s fully responsive and with app

EasyCard is a powerful online smart business card builder. With him you can create a professional business card in 5 minutes.

In the designer you will find all the necessary settings, such as font size, any colors, creating galleries, maps, videos and much more. As a result, you get a professionally created Landing page that will attract customers.

This business card is very easy to share with business partners and customers using QR code or send via SMS, or you can embed the link in your correspondence. We have thought up many options for communication between a smart business card and your customers – just create an account and install our application.

Full statistics on each card will give you a complete idea of ​​the effectiveness of your business card or your employees.

EasyCard is much more than a business card site. This is a system of interaction with your customers, which helps to solve communicative tasks.

Do not miss the chance – join now!

Enjoy the creation of

easycard to Your business

Share your smart card with all your close friends and easycard will do the work for you, anywhere in exhibitions, conferences, easycard smart card to the world of business.
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    Maximum flexibility of custom and design
    Create a stylish and informative business card with shared options and latest updates in Photo Gallery Change color design and tear title logo and everything with a click.
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    Boost your business with easy card
    Use EasyCard to promote your business on all social networks with an in-app click and expose your business to more people.
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    There is no restriction on the addition of social networks
    Organize and open pages on all social networks without restriction and share as many people as you can with your business card.
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Your business card is great and what’s better is that you do not need support. The system is very friendly and easy to use The management panel is very friendly I edited a business card in 5 minutes and strongly recommend the Easy Card card that makes our work excellent.
     by NOAM PEER
The theme is great but what’s better is the support. The support you receive is by far the best i have experienced with any theme previously. Each response I have had must have been generated on average around 5 minutes later and the support team are also extremely helpful. If I could give more stars than 5 I would!
This is the most AMAZING card I have ever worked with. I love it! The design is beautiful and unique one. I haven’t seen such a gorgeous design. The response to questions from the Dynamic Frameworks is fast! They’ve been able to . Awesome card – very flexible and customizable!